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What's the Deal with Ovulation Pain?


Do you have heating pads and pain pills on standby for period and ovulation pain?  If so, rest assured that you are not alone.  An overwhelming number of women suffer from painful ovulation.  Pain during ovulation is normal; however, there are a few layers to what can contribute to painful ovulation as usual.  Let's start by defining ovulation:

Ovulation occurs about midway through our menstrual cycle, in between periods.  It is the process of releasing an egg from one of the ovaries.  Ovulation is the highlight of our cycle since it's how we make progesterone.  Without ovulation, progesterone can’t balance out the estrogen.  Here's what it looks like during our menstrual cycle--after menstruation, our follicle is built up and getting ready to release an egg.  Estrogen is increasing during this time and then peaks--this peak stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone or LH, which tells our ovary to release an egg. ...

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