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Endometriosis, Gut Health & Immune System


Diseases like diabetes get over $1 billion a year in funding, while endometriosis costs just as much to manage, but we have an underwhelming amount of scientific research. That doesn’t even account for the long term cost, which needs to be studied further as a chronic condition.

Currently, 11% of women have endometriosis; more diagnoses are likely with improvement in diagnostic capabilities. Endometriosis once thought to be a hormonal condition, is actually an immune condition. What this means is the state of our immune system plays a considerable role in symptoms. Although hormones absolutely impact endometriosis symptoms, focusing on that alone would leave a massive piece of the puzzle unsolved. Approximately 80% of our immune system lives in our gut. If we can support function and overall gut health, we can support the immune system. When creating a plan of care for endometriosis, it is critical to consider supporting our immune system, gut health, and digestive...

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