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What is your period trying to tell you?

Our menstrual cycles are more than a monthly bleed. They are a way for our bodies to communicate with us. They tell us what is going well and where we may need to slow down and refocus in our lives. 

One way we get information is from our actual period. Based on when we get it, how heavy it is, or the amount of pain/discomfort, our bodies are giving us signs that something is or isn't off. But understanding what our period is trying to tell us can be challenging when we’ve only ever looked at our period as a monthly bleeding cycle. 


Listening to what our period is trying to tell us starts with noticing symptoms or changes that happen from month to month. Here are a few things that may be happening, and how you can go about taking care of them for the month to come. 

But wait, I’m late! 

We understand our period as part of our natural monthly cycle, so it’s easy to understand why one of the main questions I often get asked is ‘why...

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This is the Reason Your Progesterone is Low


Please note - if you are peri/post menopausal, you likely need more support than nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Discussing your concerns with your doctor and/or functional practitioner are key for getting the support you need.

Low progesterone is common in the stressful world we live in. When our bodies are in a stressed state, it does not prioritize hormone production, including the production of progesterone. Chronic stress also negatively impacts communication from the brain to the ovaries, which can reduce how much progesterone is produced, even if you are ovulating. 

However, common does not mean normal, and consistent low progesterone levels are not the state that our bodies should be functioning in. Understanding the signs and root causes of low progesterone, along with what can be done to improve progesterone levels, is important for your overall health. 


Signs of low progesterone

Recognizing when our progesterone is low is the first step in...

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