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The Thyroid, Estrogen, and Fibroid Connection


Uterine fibroids are the most common benign uterine tumor.  Approximately 60-65% of women develop fibroids by age 50.  That's a HUGE part of the population. Unfortunately, there is a lack of great information out there on how to naturally support your body when dealing with fibroids and what can be a contributor to their growth.  I have quite a few clients that struggle with fibroids.  Some of them have had myomectomies to remove them, and others haven't gone the surgical route.  I've seen surgery significantly help many women while others struggle with regrowth down the road.  For this reason, I want to talk about the connection between our thyroid, estrogen levels, and fibroids. 

Fibroids can range from being very small to being the size of a grapefruit.  They typically lead to very heavy periods, pelvic pressure, constipation, and sometimes infertility.  Most often, fibroid growth is blamed on excess estrogen, which I agree...

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