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Mineral Testing vs. Hormone Testing


I recently got a great question about why I use hair mineral testing most often and the difference between hair testing and hormone testing.  I often get women asking me to run DUTCH comprehensive hormone testing, but I require hair mineral testing along with it.  Let's dig into why! 

What is hair mineral testing?

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is used to measure the mineral content of the hair.  It is easy and painless.  Hair mineral testing requires one hair sample that weighs about 100mg, which is about one heaping tsp of hair (depending on your hair).  You take the sample from the middle-lower part of your head (ideally), which is nice because it is easy to cover.  You then cut the hair sample so that it is only 1.5" long. 


This sample shows the body's mineral status for the last 90 days, which is a massive draw for me for using this with clients.  The reason is most tests are only looking at a moment in time or...

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