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Supporting Healthy Hair & Healing Hair Loss


As with most things related to women’s health, the topic of hair loss is complicated.  Rarely is there a sole reason for hair loss.  For example, hypothyroidism and inadequate thyroid hormone levels are among the most common causes of hair loss.  Does the underlying question then become what is causing the hypothyroidism?  More often than not, it is not merely one cause.  There are a few things to consider, such as the individual’s nutrition, lifestyle, and stress level.  Are they eating enough?  Are they consuming enough nutrient-dense foods?  Do they have a nutrient deficiency that isn’t being met by their current diet?  How stressed are they?  Cortisol, a stress hormone, directly blocks the conversion of thyroid hormone.  When it comes to supporting healthy hair and healing hair loss, we have to consider several different areas.



 Energy Intake and Hair Loss

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