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Vitamin E: The Real Hormone Balancing Supplement


I receive quite a few requests from supplement companies asking me to collaborate with them.  Before agreeing, I look at their website and research what is in their product.  More often than not, I’m left disappointed.  There is an insane amount of supplements out there that claim to promote hormone balance.  Usually, they are chock full of synthetic ingredients like B vitamins, zinc, ascorbic acid, and herbs such as Vitex, Dong Qui, ashwagandha, etc.  Wondering what my beef is with these ingredients?  I’ll tell you.  They don’t come close to answering why you have a hormone imbalance in the first place, and they often create more imbalances long term—leaving you questioning why you are even taking these supplements since you aren’t feeling any better.  I’m here to tell you that vitamin E supplements are what I have found to be beneficial for hormone balance.



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