Use Functional Lab Testing To Get To The Root Of Your Hormone Imbalances

Discovering functional lab testing changed my health. Bold statement, but it's true. 

I was struggling with acne, irregular cycles, and crippling fatigue after coming off the pill and my lab testing from my doctor said everything was "normal."

I knew deep down that something wasn't right and that's when I decided to learn more about functional lab testing. I went back to school for functional nutrition and diagnostic testing. 

I finally had the lab tests I needed at my finger tips and was able to uncover hidden stressors that were keeping me from feeling my best. 

I've been using these lab tests with my 1:1 clients for years, but I know not everyone can work 1:1 with me. That's why I created Functional Lab Test Interpretations where you can purchase a lab test, video interpretation of your results, and recommended healing protocol. 

Learn more below!

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Hormone Testing

This comprehensive dried urine at home hormone test measures all sex hormones, stress hormones and cortisol pattern, B vitamins, and more! 

*This test is not appropriate for those taking hormonal birth control. 

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Gut Health Testing

I use the most advanced, DNA-based stool test that covers the most bacteria, parasites, & pathogens, digestion, immune system function, and more!

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Mineral Testing

Hair mineral analysis* gives insight into nutrient deficiencies, thyroid health, metabolic function, nervous system balance, and so much more!

*It's best to wait 6-8 weeks after you have colored your hair to complete this test. Please keep that in mind when purchasing this package. 

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How It Works

1. Once you purchase your Functional Lab Test Interpretation package, you will get access to my online client portal where you will be required to fill out your new client intake form and 3 day food journal. 

You will also get a welcome email with instructions on how to complete your chosen lab test.

2. Your test kit will be sent to you in the mail and you will receive within 1 week. You will complete the test according to the instructions and send back to the lab. 

3. Once I receive your results, I will use your intake form information as well as main health concerns and symptoms to interpret your results and create your healing protocol. 

I will record a screenshare video walking you through your lab test results, what they mean, and how this related back to your main concerns. 

To finish off the video, I will walk you through my recommendations for your healing protocol, how to purchase supplements or recommended products, and where to go from here. 

4. I will send your video, Report of Findings, and upload all lab test results to your client folder inside my secure client platform. 

You can download directly from there and save. 

5. You can purchase follow up sessions if needed to ask questions, discuss retesting, or consider 1:1 work in the future right inside your client portal. 


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Test Don't Guess

Utilize the power of functional lab testing to help you get rid of your annoying period symptoms once and for all. 

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