Nutrition Strategies for Better Periods

Do you struggle with periods problems? Painful, heavy periods, intense PMS & bloating, irregular cycles, and acne are common, but NOT normal. 

What if I told you that you have power over the number one tool for fixing those period problems?

That's where this course comes in. We dig into how the female body actually works, what causes hormones to get out of balance in the first place, and how you can use nutrition to have better periods. 

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What Inside This Course: 

We cover A LOT in this course, but don't worry. It's broken up into bite size pieces with some personal reflection built in and lots of resources to support you!

Section 1: Creating a Nurturing Nutrition Foundation

  • Why Nutrition Is So Confusing
  • How the Female Body Works
  • Stress & Your Hormones


Section 2: Nerdy Nutrition Basics

  • Mindful Macronutrients
  • Creating Nutrient Dense Meals
  • The Nuances of Meal Frequency


Section 3: Customizing Your Nutrition

  • Assessing Feedback from your Body
  • Monitoring Metabolic Health (using temps and pulses)
  • Utilizing Carbs for Better Periods
  • Modifications for Digestive Dysfunction


Section 4: Hormone Supportive Foods & Supplements

  • Hormone Supportive Foods
  • Hormone Supportive Elixirs
  • Smart Supplementation


Section 5: Where To Go From Here

  • Next steps
  • How To Know If You Need Further Testing

3+ Hours of Engaging Videos Lessons

Broken up into short, digestible topics. 

Hormone Healing Community

Course participants also get access to my private Hormone Healing Community for support and questions. 

Remove the Confusion Around Nutrition

Learn how to create a sustainable nutrition approach for long term hormone health. 

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Nutrition is the number one way to reduce stress in the body.


If you want to have balanced hormones and better periods long term, learning how to optimize your nutrition to reduce stress is key. 

Stress = PMS.

When the body is stressed we release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol sets off a whole series of responses in the body, and excessive stress can eventually lead to hormone imbalances. 

It's these imbalances that lead to period symptoms.

Glucose, a simple form of carbohydrate, lowers cortisol. Learning how to utilize carbohydrates and proper nutrition can help you have better periods (and feel better overall). 

That's what you will learn in this course! 

Learn, empower yourself, and have better periods.

Better periods and healthy hormones are possible. Take the first step to creating a nurturing nutrition foundation now!

I'm ready!