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Estrogen Dominance May Not Be Your Problem


You’ve probably read a post or heard someone describing symptoms of excess estrogen and resonated with it.  I know I have.  However, high estrogen isn’t the main problem.  Can reducing estrogen in your environment, beauty products, menstrual products, and home help your symptoms?  Yes and I think it’s a piece of the hormone imbalance puzzle, but it’s not the whole picture.  Essentially, estrogen dominance is having too much estrogen.  Your excess estrogen may be due to your lack of progesterone.  



What role does progesterone play in estrogen dominance?

Progesterone acts like the complete opposite of estrogen in the body.  It’s very pro-metabolic.  Progesterone supports a healthy metabolism and thyroid function, while estrogen can slow down thyroid function when too high, leading to fat storage, acne, mood changes, headaches, migraines, and everything we want to avoid.  As...

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This is the Reason Your Progesterone is Low


Please note - if you are peri/post menopausal, you likely need more support than nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Discussing your concerns with your doctor and/or functional practitioner are key for getting the support you need.

Low progesterone is common in the stressful world we live in. When our bodies are in a stressed state, it does not prioritize hormone production, including the production of progesterone. Chronic stress also negatively impacts communication from the brain to the ovaries, which can reduce how much progesterone is produced, even if you are ovulating. 

However, common does not mean normal, and consistent low progesterone levels are not the state that our bodies should be functioning in. Understanding the signs and root causes of low progesterone, along with what can be done to improve progesterone levels, is important for your overall health. 


Signs of low progesterone

Recognizing when our progesterone is low is the first step in...

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