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How to Eat More Nutrient Dense Foods


If you've been getting my Feminine Periodical, reading my blogs, or following me on social media for a while now, then you know that I am a bit obsessed with minerals.  I do hair mineral testing with all of my clients, and you can always find me cuddled up with a research article on minerals (mainly copper, magnesium, and iron).  Why am I so obsessed with minerals?  Because they activate thousands of reactions in the body.  In college, I learned about enzymes and how they are the catalyst for different chemical processes.  Those enzymes are primarily made up of amino acids from animal proteins.  This shows you how vital animal protein is, but what turns on those enzymes and allows them to work correctly?  You guessed it, minerals! 

When we have low levels of minerals in the body, these reactions slow down and work at a fraction of what they usually do.  This leads to the body compensating and not functioning at 100%. What causes a...

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