Want to stop spinning your wheels and balance your hormones for good?

Sick of dealing with crappy periods, low energy, skin issues, and hormonal imbalances? Everyone always wants to talk about their hormones when something's awry, but we'll let you in on a little secret: Minerals are the MVP of health.

As a functional medicine dietitian and women's health expert, I like to say that minerals are to your body what spark plugs are to your car. They are are what make your cells run and are the foundation on which the body works.

Most women think they need to spend thousand of dollars on testing, supplements, and specialists to get their hormones in check, when one of the most common root causes to hormonal issues is actually mineral imbalances!

And here's the best news: Restoring your minerals is easy and pretty cheap.



You'll learn how to get your minerals in check, identify hormone imbalances, discover the root cause of your symptoms, and start supporting the foundation of your hormones and health. Plus, you'll have exclusive access to order and interpret your own hair mineral test!


Master your Minerals is ideal for those that want to test and not guess and better understand targeted nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle changes!

Why is understanding your minerals so important? Here are some of the incredible results our clients have seen after getting their minerals in check:

  • regular cycles, reduction in PMS

  • pregnancy

  • sustainable energy

  • improvement in acne and digestion

  • getting off of thyroid and prescription medications

Inside Master Your Minerals:

  • Over 35 easily digestible video lessons (no pun intended!)

  • Staple recipe guide and meal plan that includes recipes and shows you how to craft nutrient dense meals

  • Over 25 handouts, including how to make your own bone broth, gummies, beef liver supplement, and magnesium supplement

  • PDFs of all video presentations

  • 5 videos on specific health concerns (PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, thyroid health, and period pain/PMS)

  • Tapping video with EFT expert, Theresa Piela to help you relax and support you on your healing journey

  • BONUS: Monthly live case studies with Amanda (you can apply to be a case study inside the course)

  • BONUS: 7+ mineral-dense smoothie recipes

  • BONUS: Access to professional grade supplement recommendations

  • BONUS: A NEW section to the course on recommendations for specific health concerns like thyroid, endometriosis, PCOS, pregnancy, reflux, histamines, and more!

Topics Include:

  • Minerals 101

  • Understanding your hair mineral test

  • Copper and iron balance

  • Mineral ratios 

  • How to build your protocol using nutrition and supplements (lots of DIY videos)

  • Supplements to avoid

  • Pacing your protocol

  • Support during your healing journey

  • Recommendations for specific health concerns

Stop guessing, start testing, and get results.

Learn how to get your minerals in check, identify hormone imbalances, discover the root cause of your symptoms, and start supporting the foundation of your hormones and health. 

I'm In!

New Content: Added April 2022

Metabolism 101

A lesson on understanding your metabolism and how minerals impact it.

Nutrition For Hormone Health Basics

A new section with videos on subjects like:
assessing your nutrient needs
mindful macros meal
frequency & how often to eat 

Healing Journey Updates

We are adding a tapping video with Theresa from Living Roots Wellness

Assessing Specific Health Concerns

thyroid health
period pain


acid reflux


What our clients have to say:


"Testing gave me results that doctors could not even find! Doctors told me I should just use MyFitnessPal app and lose weight, when in fact there was more going on inside my body. I got so much knowledge about my body and it’s needs that now I feel confident in answering its calls for whatever it needs going forward."

"I have been feeling SO much better! Energy is improving, sleep is incredible, I have much more energy for work and doing things after work, I barely know what brain fog is anymore! I can't believe how the smallest changes have made such a difference!"

"Testing helped me discover the root cause of my symptoms and put quite a few pieces together regarding my individual case of PCOS. My acne cleared up significantly for the first time in over 10 years. I seriously am in shock every single day about my skin and some days wake up thinking it’s a dream. My hair loss has slowed as well. While I haven’t lost weight, I haven’t gained any either, so that’s great!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you because I AM PREGNANT!!! I truly think that starting my protocol is what I needed for my body to feel safe! And I know how to continue providing nutrients for my body."

"I started to see my anxiety coming down, my overall health get better. I felt overall my body was being treated the way it needed."

"Testing gave me hope and plan that I fully believe it. Amanda and Emily were able to identify all my symptoms and give me the reassurance I need to go forward with confidence!"

"Test so you don't have to guess! I now have better energy, improved/regular digestion, slightly less intense PMS. I'm still struggling with cramps, but it's nothing like what it used to be before I went on birth control!"

"I don’t know how someone could take this course and not feel empowered to take action and feel better! This course is beneficial because it gives you the tools you need to improve. Even if you don’t understand every single detail of your hair test or the science/nutrition principles, the protocol is laid out in an easy to use and easy to understand format. Amanda is great to answer any and all questions you may have and you can easily just post your question in the course. The monthly deep dive into a client she selects is an awesome addition."


"This course should be mandatory for everyone! Once you learn how minerals power everything in the body, it just makes so much sense why they need to be prioritized, and how crazy it is that minerals are so overlooked. Not only does Amanda break down a complex topic in an easy-to-understand way, but it all makes so much sense when compared to what other health practitioners say. I love how Amanda helps us get to the root of the issue so we can heal from within. I feel more at ease and comfortable and less stressed when it comes to nutrition and healing, like I know what I need to do and I don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all of the conflicting info out there because she lays it out perfectly."


"My hair loss has decreased slightly in just 4 weeks of taking the course (that’s a win because that takes a while to reverse)! Also, I’ve been eating every 3 hours and I’ve noticed that now my appetite is so much better. I’m also hungry when I wake up in the morning. Oh, and my cycle went from 40 days to 29 days!"


"I purchased MYM because I was struggling with fatigue, irregular periods, hair loss, weight gain, and slow recovery from workouts. I have been through a few health coach/nutrition coach courses and thought I had a decent grasp on what’s “healthy”, and this course has opened my eyes to what is truly beneficial for my body. We think we know ourselves, but we have been taught to ignore signs and symptoms, to push through and just suck it up. If you take the time to figure out where you are now and make those small changes to help your body function the way it wants to, then you won’t be knocked down later having to figure out how to make big life changes to be able to function each day.

After the course: My periods are more regular each month. My energy levels have been getting better, I’m not having to take naps every day anymore, and I’ve been able to have quality dairy again. Overall, adding in key minerals through food and a few supplements have been game changers for me. I have learned more about myself and my body. I feel like I am in more control because I know what to do to begin to help myself."


"I purchased MYM because I was struggling with exhaustion, anxiety, endometriosis, rapid pulse, and general unwellness. The information the course contains is amazing. It is so in-depth and able to be personalized to your specific situation. I’ve taken a few PM courses and this is my favorite due to the amount of information you receive and the way it is able to be applied to your individual test results. I’m finally getting my energy back and having slightly better periods. Just knowing where I am in my journey and what to do about it is so empowering and helps me feel more confident in where I am."


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